1. LA Santacon 2016 is December 10, 2016

Ho ho ho! Santa's elves are busy making plans - and would like to know what YOU think. 2016 is a METRO year. Thanks for taking his survey - it helps us make the best Santacon. Without further ado...

* 1. Have you attended Santacon in Los Angeles before?

* 2. Have you donated money or paid for "sleigh passes" in the past?

* 3. What activities would you like Santa to engage in?

* 4. Do you plan to bring an activity? (game, food/drink to share, "gift", cacophony activity, etc.)

* 5. Would you like to help organize the event before the event? (E.g. Venue connections, help in pre-event planning, Santa wrangling, logistics, route research and scouting.) Enter your name and email address below.

* 6. Would you like to help with the event on the day of the event? (E.g. Santa wrangling, communication, helping with metro ticket machines, staying behind or going ahead to venue to make sure No Santa is Left behind.) Enter your name and email address below.

* 7. Do you have connections at venues, activities or places Santa would enjoy visiting? (Enter name, email address or phone number and short note below)

* 8. Anything else you want to tell Santa?