1. Santacon 2012

* 1. Have you attended Santacon in Los Angeles before?

* 2. If you attended Santacon 2011, what did you think of the multiple start locations/routes?

* 3. Would you like multiple start locations/routes options again?

* 4. What are you willing to pay to attend Santacon?

* 5. Are you planning to attend Santacon 2012?

* 6. Select the dates you would attend Santacon 2012?

* 7. I would attend Santacon if we use sleighs? (sleigh pass is $20 per person and includes transportation for the event)

* 8. I would attend Santacon if we use bikes? (you must provide your own bike)

* 9. I would attend Santacon if we use the Metro? (you must buy your own Metro pass)

* 10. Rate the following modes of transportation preference.

  Top Pick Like OK Don't like
Sleighs/ Private Buses

* 11. Select the areas you are _most_ interested in Santa visiting this year and the activities your Santa would like to engage in.

* 12. If you want to help organize the event, please enter your name and email address below. (E.g. Help in pre-event planning, Santa wrangling, logistics, route research and scouting.)

* 13. Anything else you want to tell Santa?