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* 1. What best describes your role in digital forensics?

* 2. In your digital forensic lab or office, how many examiners/analysts are on your team?

* 3. How did you hear about the SANS Computer Forensics blog?

* 4. What digital forensic certifications do you presently possess (Check all that apply)?

* 5. Digital Forensic Case Leads is published weekly to share tools both new and old, interesting reads, news items, and more. If you have suggestions or newsworthy items for the Digital Forensic Case Leads posts, please e-mail them to caseleads-at-sans.org. Would you like to see any changes to Case Leads? Please list any comments and recommendations that you have for the Digital Forensic Case Leads here.

* 6. What best describes how frequently you visit the SANS Computer Forensics blog?

* 7. What is your primary source for following news, current events, research and happenings in the digital forensics community?

* 8. How frequently would you like to see blog articles published?

* 9. What digital forensic topic would you like the blog to expand upon (Choose 3)?

* 10. What preferred social media do you use to network & share information with other digital forensic practitioners (Choose no more than 2)?

* 11. What is the primary reason why you initiate a digital forensic investigation/examination?

* 12. What can the SANS Computer Forensics blog do to improve how we serve the digital forensic community and you as the reader? We enjoy reading your comments and your feedback is always welcome. Please take a minute and let us know what we are doing wrong, what we can do better, and where we can further serve the community.