The mission of Sandhills Center, a Local Management Entity - Managed Care Organization, is to develop, manage, and assure that persons in need have access to quality mental health, intellectual/developmental disabilities, and substance abuse services.  

Sandhills Center is required to conduct annual gaps and needs assessment of these services. Your input will help us plan for the future, insure that we have an adequate provider network and that services are located in areas accessible to the residents our system is designed to serve.  Please complete and submit your responses by January 31, 2017.

Note: The approximate time to complete is only 3-5 minutes. All respondents will be anonymous. Any question delineated with an * requires an answer to proceed through the survey.

* 1. What is your relationship to Sandhills Center LME/MCO?

* 2. If you selected "Staff Member" above, please identify the Sandhills Center LME/MCO department in which you work:

* 3. If you selected "Stakeholder" above, please identify your role in the community:

* 4. Please identify the county(ies) in which your organization has offices, or the county in which you live:

* 5. What gaps in services exist in the county or counties you serve?

* 6. If you are a provider or stakeholder, please check all disability groups that your organization/agency serves within the Sandhills Center LME/MCO service area. MH=Mental Health, I/DD=Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities, SUD=Substance Use Disorder.

* 7. If you are a provider or a stakeholder, please give the number of years you have had a working relationship with Sandhills Center LME/MCO ___ years

* 8. Do you feel the services offered in the Sandhills Center LME/MCO region are addressing your consumer's cultural and ethnic needs?  ___ yes ___ no ___ not sure

* 9. Do you feel the services offered in the Sandhills Center LME/MCO region are addressing the service needs of individuals with co-occurring physical and visual/hearing disabilities, or other disabilities? ___ yes ___ no ___ not sure

* 10. Additional feedback that you would like to give Sandhills Center LME/MCO.