1. School and Student Information

**Sample** College is pleased to participate in the Lone Star National Report. We would like to thank our students in advance for taking a few short minutes to help college administrators better understand how technology can best be aligned to help students become as academically successful as possible. The results of this survey will be part of a national study sponsored by Lone Star College System for the betterment of community colleges and students across America.

1. Please type the name of the college that you are presently attending.

2. If you are attending a college with multiple campuses, please identify the campus at which you take a majority of your classes. If you are taking your classes 100% online, please type in the word ‘Online.’

4. Gender

7. Did you graduate from high school?

8. Are you a military Veteran?

9. What was your main reason for choosing the college you are attending?

10. Are you currently a full-time or part-time student? Part-time is fewer than 12 credit hours per quarter/semester

11. How many total credit hours have you earned?

12. Please select the best description of the format in which you take your college classes.

20% of survey complete.