1. Adoption Options Evaluation Form

Thank you for joining us recently for an Adoption Options workshop. We hope that you found this workshop helpful and informative. In order to help us plan future workshops, please answer the following questions.

* 1. Please provide the following:

* 2. How did you hear about this Adoption Options seminar?

* 3. What kind of agency do you work or volunteer for (check all that apply)

* 4. How far did you drive to come here today?

* 5. Do you partner with a Petco store for adoptions or outreach events? If no, why?

* 6. Please give us your opinion on the topics you heard today by using the following guide: 1 = Not Informative, 2 = Somewhat Informative, 3 = Mostly Informative, and 4 = Very Informative

  1 2 3 4 N/A
Using Petfinder.com
Marketing Your Pets
Training Shelter Dogs
The Shelter Pharmacy

* 7. Please give us your opinion on how effective each speaker was by using the following guide: 1 = Poor, 2 = Fair, 3 = Good, and 4 = Excellent

  1 2 3 4 N/A
Melissa Vecera, Petfinder
Emily Garman, TheSocialAnimal.com
Sue Sternberg, Rondout Valley Animals
Dr. Grant Gugisberg, Parkview Cat Clinic

* 8. Which of the following topics are you interested in? Please check all that apply.

* 9. Put the following items in order of which you are most likely to use or attend - DRAG EACH LINE TO REORDER: Top = Very Likely, Bottom = Less Likely

* 10. Would you like to be contacted individually about any questions or issues? If so, please let us know briefly how we can help and leave us contact information.