Sales Talent or Order Taker. Which are you? Take this survey and find out.

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Top Sales Talent or Order Taker. Which are you?

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1.Communicating to your prospect your vast storehouse of product knowledge leads to a successful sale
2. When a prospect says, money is no object”. One step of the selling cycle is in the bank.
3. Sometimes, taking an "I want to think it over" leaves the door open for a future sale
4. The objection: “Your price is too high" should be handled with a reassuring statement.
5. Pros live by the old adage, “Get the order and get out.”
6. Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing
7. Answer prospect's questions with positive, reassuring statements.
8. Be enthusiastic when answering questions.
9. Once you establish a prospect's primary need, go for the close.
10. Prospects are always aware of what a salesman is trying to do.
11. Questions can be abrasive.
12. “The price is too high" calls for your overcoming objection”skills.
13. Prospects want answers to their specific questions.
14. The Pro knows he's done well when he hears remarks such as: “That was the best presentation I ever saw.”
15. An attentive prospect is a buying signal.
16. A professional salesperson looks cool, calm and collected.
17. Never ask for the order.
18. Even a Pro has to have a little luck on his side.
19. You and the prospect paint a picture of his needs and wants.
20. If the sale begins to deteriorate, you should try to end the interview and come back at another time.
21. An open-minded prospect is the easiest to close.
22. A positive prospect is the easiest to close.
23. A negative prospect is the easiest to close.
24. The bottom line of professional selling is helping people get what they want
25. An educated prospect becomes an informed customer
26. A customer should be treated the same as a prospect.
27. Setting up your prospect list is a selling time activity.
28. Becoming emotionally involved with your prospect shows that you have empathy.
29. Worry is but one of the many investments you will make as a salesman.
30. Reliving the past and going over the future is part of the sales activity.
31. Make enough cold calls and you’ll learn to like them.
32. Qualify over the telephone so you won’t waste time.
33. Some prospecting calls are unprofitable.
34. Sales Pros have prospecting awareness.
35. Money doesn't grow on trees.
36. Work hard.
37. Good presentations can turn the tide of a sale.
38. A hard sell causes some people to buy.
39. Cross the Ts and dot the Is during a presentation.
40. Support your partner during a joint sales call by carefully reinforcing key points.
41. Away from the job, it's O.K. to relax with your customer.
42. Let your customer know that being of service is part of your job.
43. No matter how you feel about yourself, if you work hard as a salesman, you'll succeed.
44. There is no difference between a salesman's self and a salesman's role.
45. Some people know how to get under your skin without your permission.
46. Sometimes it's appropriate to attack your prospect
47. Putting Band-Aids on a prospect's hurts is a big part of your job.
48. Getting emotionally involved will help you close sales.
49. The most important part of your personality during a selling situation is your intellect.
50. If you are careful, personal growth can be painless.
51. Only you can control your destiny.
52. You have to be in the right place at the right time.
53. Proper planning ensures a successful outcome.