As Salem continues to grow and expand its mission and ministries into the wider community, we are asking for your feedback regarding many of our core programs and ministries. Your involvement helps Salem become a stronger, more welcoming congregation. Please answer the following...

* 1. Did you attend Oasis in 2016-17?

* 2. Do you or your family eat dinner at Oasis?

* 3. If you eat dinner at Oasis, are you willing to: (answer all that apply)

* 4. Are you willing to provide a meal as a part of a team or ministry on Wednesday evenings during Advent or Lent?

* 5. Do you or your child participate in children's ministry programs?

* 6. Please rate the Sunday school program:

* 7. Please rate the Oasis kids program:

* 8. Please rate the VBS program:

* 9. Do you or your child participate in middle school or senior high ministry programs?

* 10. Please rate the middle school program:

* 11. Please rate the confirmation program:

* 12. Please rate the senior high program:

* 13. Please rate the KCLYC collaborative program:

* 14. Do you frequent the Salem Cafe on Sunday mornings?

* 15. If not, which of the following would entice you to frequent it more often?

* 16. Which of the following modes of communication do you utilize?

* 17. How can we improve on our current communication methods?

* 18. Please provide any additional feedback you wish to share. Thank you.

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