Survey Introduction


The software user assistance community is well established as a major segment of the technical communications field. The work you do in developing effective user assistance is now recognized as an essential component of any application, whether it is based on the desktop, the Web, or a mobile device.

But do you know what you're worth? How do you stack up against your peers? How do location, experience, and the size of your organization affect your salary? What kind of user assistance development skills command top dollar in the marketplace? What should you expect when it is time for a salary increase?

The WritersUA User Assistance Salary Survey is designed to supply you with answers to many of these questions. The survey is specifically designed to collect data about User Assistance authoring professionals. We welcome your participation in this latest installment.

There are 18 questions in the survey. You can choose to answer as many as you wish. No identifying information is required of you. The results will be publicly posted on the WritersUA web site.