A Welcome Message from the Principal Investigators

First, thank you for taking this important survey. Its results will become a benchmark for subsequent studies and policy recommendations by a range of organizations. This is an opportunity to gain a voice in articulating critical issues in our field, and to help funding groups find strategies to brighten our collective future. Your participation is critical.

In an effort to be as inclusive as possible, your answers will be collated along with those of students, faculty and administrators at a wide range of institutions in the United States—from community and junior colleges to the Ivies; from professional programs to liberal arts colleges—to create the most comprehensive overview of the state of architectural history education in our time. SAH believes that knowledge regarding the physical organization of society is a vital aspect of a citizenry’s ability to make informed decisions about the public realm. These questions are of the utmost importance to our members, affiliates, and all those engaged in teaching and scholarship regarding the built environment, especially at a moment of great social change. By completing this survey, you ensure that your experience and insights are recorded, and help to guarantee that the final report will be broad, inclusive, useful to you in your own work, and beneficial in ways that we might not even realize yet.

Before you start:
  • This survey is completely anonymous and all data are anonymized.
  • It will take you approximately 35-45 minutes to complete the survey.
  • If you need to stop at some point, the survey will save the data you’ve already entered as long as you return to it on the same device.
  • Please fill out the comment boxes even when the questions don’t seem directly relevant to you; data about your unique experience may be valuable in unforeseen ways.
Please share the faculty survey link with colleagues, including adjuncts and part-time faculty, at your institution and elsewhere, as well as with independent scholars. The SAH Data Project has also developed two related surveys—one for students and one for department chairs/program administrators—so please share these links as well. And if you are a student or a chair/administrator please consider taking the corresponding survey, in addition to this one.

Thank you for investing your time to help shape the future of architectural history.

Sandy Pauline
Sandy Isenstadt Pauline Saliga
SAH President SAH Executive Director