How should communities reduce violence?

NOW THAT YOU’VE HAD a chance to participate in a forum on this issue, we’d like to know what you are thinking. Your opinions, along with those of thousands of others who participated in these forums, will be reflected in a summary report that will be available to all citizens, including those who took part in the forums, as well as officeholders, members of the news media, and others in your community.

* 1. Do you agree or disagree with the statements below?

  Strongly Agree Somewhat Agree Somewhat Disagree Strongly Disagree Not Sure
The number of unarmed people of color who have lost their lives in encounters with the police shows there is something fundamentally wrong with the culture, training, and recruitment in too many of this nation’s
police departments.
We are expecting entirely too much of our police in asking them to deal with the rising incidence of
irrational violence caused by mentally ill or drug-addicted persons who need medical intervention.
We urgently need to increase understanding and mutual respect between police and people of color.
When faced with life-threatening danger to themselves and civilians, we can’t ask police officers to take even more risks with their own safety.
We need to tackle the growing disrespect for law enforcement in this country, especially among young
people, and give the police the support and help they need and deserve.
We need to face up to the fact that too many police officers routinely make snap judgments about citizens based on race and ethnicity, rather than on probable cause.

* 2. Do you favor or oppose each of these actions?

  Strongly Favor Somewhat Favor Somewhat Oppose Strongly Oppose Not Sure
The courts should reserve longer sentences for violent crimes, EVN IF this means more small-time drug dealers and other nonviolent criminals are returned to the community.
Cities and towns should greatly increase the number of police officers on the street, EVEN IF this means some citizens will feel as though they are living in a police state.
Police departments should end the use of “stop and frisk” practices, EVEN IF this greatly reduces the ability of law enforcement to prevent crimes before they happen.
All police officers should be trained to use de-escalation techniques before resorting to force in dealing with potentially violent offenders, EVEN IF that raises the chances that officers will be harmed or even killed.
Communities should train more citizens in the responsible use of firearms so they can defend themselves and aid law enforcement, EVEN IF this increases the chances of accidental shooting and the incidence of vigilante justice.
Governments should set up more mental health programs and facilities that will take potentially violent
individuals off the street, EVEN IF this results in confining many more people in mental institutions for long periods.

* 3.  Did you talk about aspects of the issue you hadn’t considered before?

* 4. Were there ideas or proposals that you tended to favor coming into the forum that you now have second thoughts about?

* 5.  What could citizens, working together, do in their own communities to address this problem?

* 6. Not including this forum, how many National Issues Forums have you attended?

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* 10. Where do you live?

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* 12. What state do you live in?

* 14. What issue would you like to see covered in a future forum?

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