San Francisco must take action with a comprehensive plan to end the unacceptable crisis conditions and impacts of street homelessness.

There are 3,500+ people living and sleeping on San Francisco's sidewalks and streets. Thousands of individuals, couples, and families need a safe organized space to belong in community with reasonable agreements and responsibilities while City leadership expands housing, rent subsidies, and low-barrier shelter capacity. 
Safe Organized Spaces (SOS) Transitional Villages are scalable groupings of off-grid "tiny home" shelters administered by nonprofits on underutilized private/public land with license agreements, insurance, participatory management structure and support, essential amenities, gathering spaces, health and safety standards, pathways to housing and jobs, and a community-integration team.

Developed with input from current/former encampment residents by Saint Francis Homelessness Challenge and support by Lava Mae, Downtown Streets Team, Mission Housing Development Corporation, SF Community Clinic Consortium, Mission Creek Merchants Association, Asian Neighborhood Design, and more (see below).  Learn more at

SOS! SF needs Safe Organized Spaces

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"I support Safe Organized Spaces/SOS Transitional Villages to end crisis conditions for San Francisco’s unsheltered residents."

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Thank you for joining the following stakeholders in advocating for humane, well-designed, and cost-effective strategies to address our encampment and shelter/housing shorting crisis (* next to affiliation listed for identification purposes only).

Saint Francis Homelessness Challenge (SFHC)
Impact Hub San Francisco
Downtown Streets Team
Lava Mae
Asian Neighborhood Design
Mission Housing Development Corporation
San Francisco Community Clinic Consortium
factory 1 design
Mission Creek Merchants Association

Amy Farah Weiss (Founder/Director of Saint Francis Homelessness Challenge)
Colleen Lewis (Currently homeless and living in a tent/SOS Organizer)
Michael Rouppet (Marty's Place*/Formerly homeless encampment resident)
Ehlie Santos (Former Encampment Resident)
James "DL" West (Former Encampment Resident)
Del Seymour (Code Tenderloin*/Local Homeless Coordinating Board*)
Debra Walker (Building Inspection Commissioner*)
Doniece Sandoval (CEO of Lava Mae)
Sam Moss (Executive Director of Mission Housing Development Corporation)
Lisa Haut (NEMNA member*/Impact Hub Pilot)
Kelly Scott Hill (NEMNA member*/Impact Hub Pilot/Small Business Owner)
Larisa Pedroncelli (NEMNA member*/Impact Hub Pilot/Small Business Owner)
Tony Sparks (Assistant Professor at SF State*)
Candace Combs (Mission Creek Merchants Association/Small Business Owner)
Chris Block (Journalist at Potrero View*/SPUR*)
Christopher Herring (PhD Candidate at UC Berkeley
Scott Nelson (Coalition on Homelessness Working Group*)
Rachel Heydemann (Nonprofit Consultant)
Sara Fenske Bahat (Instructor at California College of the Arts*)
Bob Burnside (Member of Democratic Socialists of America-SF Chapter*)

Visit for more information.

Petition Signers (Updated 10.24.2018)
300+ San Francisco residents (and dozens more Bay Area residents) have signed our online petition to support Safe Organized Spaces.
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