Franklin County Caring Communities invite you to be part of the “Safe Homes Parent Network” across Franklin County. What is “Safe Homes Parent Network?” It’s a new way for parents to be supported in helping their kids to remain alcohol and drug free, and to connect with other families who have the same policies and goals. We’re inviting parents to “sign on” to the following:

* 1. Please note: The Safe Homes Parent Network commitment is not a legally binding contract, but rather an agreement between members of the SAFE HOMES Parent Network of Franklin County.

Please show your commitment by checking the boxes below. You may opt not to check the fourth box if you do not wish to share your contact informaiton:

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* 3. We would like permission to publish your name as a member of the Safe Homes Parent Network of Franklin County in the Safe Homes directory. This directory will be made available to other parents/guardians who have joined the Safe Homes Parent Network. Please indicate below if we may do so.

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* 5. Please list your children's names and their grade and school as of September 2016:

* 6. May we include your children's names, grades, and school in our members-only directory? (Including your children's information will help other parents/guardian's identify and contact you.)

* 7. How would you prefer to receive communication from the SAFE HOMES Parent Network of Franklin County? (Mark all that apply)

* 8. If someone referred you, please let us know their name so we can thank them!