A review of the Nottinghamshire Multi Agency Safeguarding Adults Policy, Procedures and Guidance is currently underway and we would like your help to ensure that the document is user friendly, effective and productive in safeguarding adults from abuse.

Why Now?

The policy, procedures and guidance were written in 2007 and have not been reviewed since this date. The Nottinghamshire Safeguarding Adults Board feels it is now time to carry out a full review.

As a first step in the review, we have produced a short questionnaire which we would be grateful if you would complete and return to us. We want to know your general thoughts and opinions of our current document including what is good, bad, confusing and lacking from the current policy and procedures.

The more responses we receive, the more it will help us provide a user friendly document which will, we hope, ultimately lead to better protection of vulnerable adults in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. All responses will be treated in confidence.

The full policy, procedures and guidance can be downloaded from our website at www.safeguardingadultsnotts.org

To ensure your comments are considered, please ensure that you complete this survey by 6 December 2012. Thank you in advance for your help and time.

The responses received from you will be fed into the review. For updates on the progress of the review please check our website.

* 1. Please provide your details:

* 2. What do you feel is good about the current Policy, Procedures and Guidance, what do you feel works well? For example, you may like the format of the procedures or the layout style.

* 3. What do you feel is bad about the current Policy, Procedures and Guidance and what do you feel isn't working? For example, you may dislike the format of the procedures or there may be a procedure you feel doesn’t work.

* 4. Is there anything you find confusing about the Policy, Procedures and Guidance? If so what? For example there may be ambiguous sections that you feel should be clarified better.

* 5. What do you feel if anything is missing from the Policy, Procedures and Guidance?

* 6. Is there anything in the Policy, Procedures and Guidance that you think needs changing? If so what and why?

* 7. What would make the process easier to follow on Framework?

* 8. Is there anything else you would like to add or comment on that you feel would be useful?

Thank you