Hike Ontario - Safe Hiker Instructor Training Application

Thanks for your interest in taking the Safe Hiker instructor training course with Hike Ontario. Please let us know more about you.

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* 7. Are you a member of an outdoors/hiking club or trail association?

* 8. To be accepted to the Safe Hiker Instructor course, candidates must have completed Hike Ontario's Safe Hiker program or...

you may also qualify by giving details on at least 5 'day hikes' done before attending the class, ideally in the past 12 months and a reference from someone who can validate your hiking experience.

Please list your 5 day hikes, giving the location, trail or hiking area name, if it was solo, with peers or a guided outing, how many kilometres or hours and an idea of the level of difficulty, and your reference details.

* 9. Is there anything else you wish to let us know?

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