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SABE's SARTAC State Plain Language Teams

Self Advocates Becoming Empowered or SABE has a new technical assistance opportunity for states.

SABE would like to invite your state to apply: SABE’s Self Advocacy Resource & Technical Assistance Center or SARTAC Project. Technical Assistance or TA Project, Making Plain Language or Easy Read Information for States 2023. 

How to Apply:  Attend the National Self Advocacy Zoom January 19, 2023 to learn about the application process and what the chosen groups will do.

How States Can Get Help to Do Plain Language Projects:
Meeting time:
1:00 pm ET     12:00 pm CT     11:00 am MT     10:00 am PT
9:00 am AT     8:00 am HST

Or call 1-929-436-2866 and the Meeting ID: 324 815 633
Or go to click on join a meeting & put in 324 815 633

Deadline for application submission: Thursday, February 16, 2023.

States will be announced: Thursday, February 23, 2023.
SARTAC will choose 4 States for this application period. 
The 4 States will be emailed a letter if picked or not.
SARTAC is picking 4 state self-advocacy groups to work with
on Plain Language Projects.  You can get free training and technical assistance.
What makes this a different experience: This is not a grant where you get money.  It is an opportunity to gain new experience that you can use.  You will be using trainings from our SARTAC Partners Autistic Self Advocacy Network or ASAN and Green Mountain Self Advocates or GMSA.  SARTAC recorded these trainings during the summer. 

As partners we worked together to help teach skills that we learned to self advocacy groups. These trainings use two ways for your state team to learn together. There is one set of trainings with self advocates and others around the country practicing how they would make the information more clear and useful. The other set talks to government and non-profit groups to do the same. The real experts are self advocates who have been teaching each other after listening and learning how to connect the information to people's everyday life experiences.

When organizations and self advocates partner:  Good things can happen.  Each member of the team learn skills that will help your state.  You will have a group of locally trained experts in plain language and easy read document that you can hire to help you locally provide a draft and then will help you put the item through our tried and tested focus groups model. The person who needs the information can tell you what words or examples can make it more friendly.  People who relate to information better in pictures can help you decide what images tell you and what helps them connect to the information.

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