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Saanich is developing a plan to:

-Become a 100% renewable energy community
-Reduce our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 80% below 2007 levels
-Prepare for a changing climate

Please take the survey to help build the plan.  The survey has 37 questions (or fewer depending on your answers) and is estimated to take between 10 - 18 minutes to complete. After completing the survey you may enter a draw prize for a $500 gift certificate at a local bike shop.

To learn more and read our Climate Plan: 100% Renewable and Resilient Saanich Backgrounder, visit

Participation in this survey is voluntary and a response is encouraged, not required. IP addresses collected by SurveyMonkey and other information collected will be stored on SurveyMonkey's servers located outside of Canada. It is not the District's intention to collect personal information, so please do not provide any third-party information (i.e. talk about others) and/or any personally identifiable information about yourself in your responses. The information you enter into this survey will be stored outside of Canada.

If you would prefer to fill out the survey on paper (and to keep your information in Canada) please contact the Sustainability Division (email address below). 

Your information is being collected for the purpose of engagement for developing the updated Saanich Climate Plan and supporting strategies and is authorized under the Local Government Act, Community Charter and sections 26(c,(e)of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Questions about privacy can be directed to the District of Saanich Privacy Officer at 770 Vernon Ave, Victoria BC, V8W 2W7, 250-475-1775, 

For more information, please contact:
Sustainability Division
District of Saanich

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* 1. Do you consent to these terms, including having your information stored outside of Canada?