1. Qualification Test

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To make sure you have the necessary basic qualification for the programs, we recommend making a short test.

Q: Can I skip a question and come back to it?
A: Yes, questions may be answered in any order until you click "DONE" at the end.

Q: Can I change answers during the test?
A: Answers may be changed at any time until you click 'DONE' at the end. Changes are not possible after you click "DONE" and completed the test.

Q: Does the exam have a time limit once it has been started?
A: The max.time for completion is one hour.

Q: Can I repeat the test?
A: If you would like to repeat the test you need to check with the Academy faculty first.

Q: When will I know that I have passed the entrance exam?
A: We typically notify students within two business days.

The majority of questions are multiple choice. Please select all answers that apply to you

If you have any questions - please feel free to contact us any time: via phone +650 384 0057 via skype maritaroebkes or via email mr@society3.com

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