* 1. Do you live outside the Greater Toronto Area? [If no, please exit the survey]

* 2. If yes to Question 1, how far do you live from the GTA?

* 3. Are you 18 years or older? [If no, please exit the survey]

* 4. Rate the criteria for booking a hotel room, 1 being most important and 5 being least important?

  1 2 3 4 5

* 5. What source do you use when booking a hotel room?

* 6. How far in advance do you usually book a hotel room?

* 7. What price range do you usually spend on a hotel room?

* 8. What are the main reasons for your purchase of a hotel room? [Check all that apply]

* 9. Do you use any of the following online platforms? [Check all that apply]

* 10. Which of these media would you be willing to book a hotel room from? [Check all that apply]

* 11. Have you heard of the Ryerson Conference Service and Lodging Centre?

* 12. If yes to Question 11, how have you heard of the service?

* 13. The Ryerson Conference Service and Lodging Center is a university run conference and lodging company that is located on the Ryerson University campus available from May to August. RCSL offers hotel-style accommodations and is located in the heart of Downtown Toronto that is convenient for any type of guest, especially budget-conscious travelling individuals, just steps away from many local attractions the city has to offer.

Would you be interested in booking a hotel room at the Ryerson Conference Service and Lodging Center?