If you have HIV/AIDS, this is your opportunity to tell us what services YOU need. Your answers will help your local Planning Group decide how funding is used in your area for HIV clinical and supplemental services.

Some questions are personal, but we have to ask them to know how best to help you. We ask that you be as honest as possible when answering all questions. All the answers will be combined so no one will be able to identify you. When you click on "done" at the end of the survey, you will have satisfactorily completed both the needs assessment and satisfaction survey.

We ask that you please tell your friends about this survey. We want to hear from as many people who are living with HIV/AIDS as we can.

If you take care of someone who cannot fill out the survey alone, please help them.

If you have completed this survey in the past 12 months, do not respond again.

Well Florida thanks you for the time that you have taken out to complete this survey and looks forward to serving as the VOICE for your needs!