There is discussion going on at a state level on how transportation funding will be allocated throughout the state. It is currently distributed based on a formula of 45% Vehicle Miles Traveled, 40% Lane Miles and 15% truck miles. The new formulas under discussion all include using Population as a funding mechanism which could reduce funding in rural / less populated areas. We want to make sure we are advocating for your best interests and would appreciate your answers to the questions below. Please take the survey and have it back by midnight on April 15, 2014.

As we continue to advocate for funding for out state areas in transportation there are times when we might need stories and examples and possibly testimony. If you would be willing to be help, please e mail us

If you would like to share information with us that is not in the survey and that pertains to transportation, please E mail one of us.

Action 22, Cathy Garcia Southeast Colorado and San Luis Valley
Club 20. Bonnie Peterson Western Slope
Pro 15, Cathy Shull Northeast Colorado

* 1. How would you rate the roads in your county?

* 2. How would you rate the roads you travel in other parts of Colorado?

* 3. Were you aware that state gas tax has not been increased since 1992 and the Federal Gas Tax has not been increased since 1993?

* 4. Were you aware that the budget for Colorado Department of Transportation's budget has decreased by $500 million since 2008

* 5. Please rate how important you believe transportation is to the following parts of our economy.

  Not Important Somewhat Important Important Very Important Extremely Important
Health Care
Economic Development
Quality of Life (entertainment, shopping, recreation)

* 6. Please rank the following on where you believe the priorities should be in state spending. One being the highest and six the lowest.

* 7. Please rank the following in importance to you on how transportation dollars should be spent? 1 is the highest and a 7 is the lowest.

* 8. Are you willing to pay more money for transportation to improve the state system? If your answer is no, skip the next question.

* 9. If you are willing to pay more or are not sure, which one of these funding mechanisms would you be willing to consider? Mark all that apply.

* 10. In a typical week, about how many miles do you drive?

* 11. What county do you live in?

* 12. What is your occupation?