Help us bring our report to life!

ASPECT released its report Refocusing the Urban Lens for Rural and Remote Employment Services last November. Now it's time to give our report some life.

We are collecting your stories about the challenges and solutions to delivering employment services in your area. Please submit your stories by:

1. Describing instances where you helped clients.
2. Creating a short TikTok-style video and uploading it here.
3. Taking a photo of your experiences and uploading it here.

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* 1. Please let us know how to contact you if we have some follow-up questions.  Your submission will be completely confidential unless you choose otherwise below.

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* 2. Describe your experiences or those of your clients here. Consider one or more of the following prompts:

  • How big is your service area, and what are some of the considerations you must make to deliver services in that area?
  • How many hours do you spend coordinating out-of-town activities for you or your client to access services?
  • What services are missing in your area (or difficult to access) that are easily available in urban areas?
  • What is a problem faced in your community in providing wrap-around services? And how do you overcome it?
  • What solutions do you use to help clients or deliver services that are outside the internet or cell service?
  • Tell us about a client you helped that had to overcome significant obstacles to access service. For example, from our discussion groups, we heard that a service provider paid $125 taxi ride for a client to attend a job interview. Another placed a client at a homeless shelter because there were no accommodations available in the area they were sent for training or assessments. 

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* 3. Create a TikTok-style video to tell your story and upload it to the Rural & Remote google folder: Let us know how this story fits into the following themes: (please check all that apply)

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* 4. Upload a photo that shows your experiences delivering employment services in rural and remote regions.

PDF, DOC, DOCX, PNG, JPG, JPEG, GIF file types only.
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* 5. Would you like to remain anonymous? Or can we mention your name or location?