You input is appreciated as it helps us shape our roadmap. Contact information helps us with demographics, but is optional unless you wish to be entered into the drawing. Submissions before September 30, 2017 will be entered into the drawing. The grand prize is an Ehang Ghost Drone 2.0 VR (a $900 value). Eight other entrants will win a $100 gift card.

* 1. Email (required for entry in drawing)

* 2. First Name (required for entry in drawing)

* 3. Last Name (required for entry in drawing)

* 4. Company (required for entry in drawing)


* 5. What is the scope of your answers for this survey?


* 6. Total number of people who log into Rundeck?

* 7. How many different teams are using Rundeck?

* 8. What are the primary functions of the teams or organizations that currently interact with Rundeck?

* 9. How do you plan to expand the number of teams or users in the future?


* 10. How many Rundeck jobs do you currently have defined?


* 11. Total number of nodes across all Rundeck projects?

* 12. What in your environment have you modeled as Rundeck nodes (e.g. Servers, VMs, Services, Network Devices, Containers, etc.)?


* 13. What are the total number of Rundeck projects?

* 14. What does a Rundeck project represent in your organization’s Rundeck usage (e.g. application, line of business, environment, etc.)?


* 15. What is the total number of Rundeck instances running in your organization?

* 16. What is your Rundeck deployment strategy (e.g. manage centrally as a service, give each team their own Rundeck, etc.)?

* 17. Where is Rundeck deployed (e.g. in our data center, in the cloud, etc.)?

* 18. Are you currently a Rundeck Pro user?

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