Please respond to this important cross-sectional survey of construction industry professionals

Dear Construction Industry Stakeholder,

You are invited to participate in a short questionnaire survey on the above conducted by Prof. Mohan Kumaraswamy and his team from the Dept. of Civil Engineering of The University of Hong Kong.

The main purposes of the study are to: (1) Identify synergies and added value that can be achieved through collaboration between those engaged in (a) built Infrastructure Project Management (IPM) and (b) built Infrastructure Asset Management (IAM); (2) Visualise and formulate ‘relationally integrated value networks’ (RIVANS) for TAM (Total Asset Management) - to achieve much higher overall value through increased and well-focused co-operation between stakeholders in such a network (e.g. in well-integrated supply-chains with common goals); and (3) Develop a framework for, and provide examples of, potentially useful management strategies and techniques, organisational and contractual structures, and managerial skill-sets and mind-sets, as needed to develop and sustain such a successful RIVANS for TAM – i.e. for improved ‘total asset management’ of built assets through their whole life cycle i.e. from planning & design through to demolition / replacement.

Your participation in the survey is voluntary. However, you may benefit from your entitlement (as a participant) to receiving consolidated outputs in advance, and useful pointers. Furthermore, in the long run, we hope that study outputs will help inform overall industry improvement that should also benefit you and your organization.

All information collected will be treated in strict confidence and used for research purposes only. Research outputs will not trace individual responses. No personal or organizational identifiers will be used in the outputs. If you have any questions or concerns about the research, please feel free to contact Prof. Mohan Kumaraswamy (2859 1976). If you have any questions about your rights as a research participant, you may contact the Human Research Ethics Committee for Non-Clinical Faculties, HKU (2241 5267).

If you agree to participate in this research survey, which is conducted according to the above guidelines, please complete the attached 2.5-page questionnaire and return it to us by February 24, 2012 in the enclosed envelope addressed to us (no postage required if mailed from Hong Kong) or by fax or by email as indicated at the end of the questionnaire. Your participation in this research will be very much valued and will enable realistic outcomes. The outcomes will be publicised in both industry and academic fora, as well as conveyed to relevant decision makers, so your views can help chart better ways forward for our industry.

Yours sincerely,

Professor Mohan Kumaraswamy
Department of Civil Engineering
The University of Hong Kong