RPT LearnCenter Profile Creation

Welcome to Resource Parent Training's registration page for the RPT LearnCenter!

The RPT LearnCenter will be your hub of course and workshop information for Resource Parent Training through the Child Welfare Academy at the University of Maryland, Baltimore.  Within 48 business hours of completing this registration form, you will receive a username and temporary password, and you will be able to peruse our course catalog and register for courses in a matter of clicks.  You will no longer need to type in all of your information each time you want to register for one of our classes. You will enter a username and password, and that will be all that you need!

If you have completed this process previously but

1) don't remember your username/password/password retrieval question responses,
2) did not receive the aforementioned email, or
3) your name, email address, etc. has changed

please contact Laura Teetermoran at lteetermoran@ssw.umaryland.edu, you DO NOT need to complete this form again. Only one profile per person may be in the LearnCenter. Laura can provide your username and/or help you to register for trainings. 

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If at any time you experience difficulty in completing this form, please contact Laura Teetermoran (lteetermoran@ssw.umaryland.edu or 410.706.0721)