Throughout this survey, the term “Sports Betting” refers to all of the following activities:

·         Sports wagers or bets on sporting event outcomes (i.e futures bet, prop bet, or bet on the result of a sporting event like a NHL or NFL game, etc.)

·         Sports pools (where you select the winning result for each matchup in a group of games)

·         Esports (i.e. bet on multiplayer video games played competitively like League of Legends, Overwatch, etc.)

·         Betting on non-sporting events, like politics, Hollywood, music, TV specials, etc. (a.k.a novelty bets)

The term “real money” refers to bets made for real money on a website, app, or with an individual accepting sports bets.  (i.e. not an informal wager between friends or acquaintances or a social wager like an office pool)

Question Title

* 1. 1.       Have you placed a wager for real money on a sporting event at any time in the past 12 months?