We appreciate your interest in connecting with RODS Community Connection Program.  Please note that while not all requests can be fulfilled, the Community Connection Worker will follow up regarding your newcomer service provision needs. 

* 1. What is your Organization/Department Name?

* 2. Organization Type (please select)

* 3. Briefly describe the type of services you provide:

* 4. Where is the desired location for the presentation?

* 5. Which of the following areas(s) would you like the presenter to address?

* 6. How many people do you expect to be in attendance for the presentation?

* 7. Approximately how many newcomers do you serve per month, and per year?

* 8. Have you experienced an increase in the number of newcomers in the last 3 years?

* 9. What (if any) programs do you currently have specifically for newcomers?

* 10. What are some challenges you encountered in working with newcomers? (i.e. interpretation, etc)

* 11. Do you have an existing partnership with RODS?

* 12. Do you have funding to provide one or more of the following support services? 

* 13. Do you give permission to RODS for the following:

* 14. Follow Up Contact Information:

Thank you for your interest, RODS Community Connection Worker will be in touch shortly to confirm whether a presentation can be arranged.