Ridgefield Library Website Survey

We are redesigning our website and are eager to hear your thoughts! Please take a moment to answer these few simple questions.

* 1. If you accessed this survey directly thorough our website (as opposed to via an email link) what brought you to our website today? Please check all that apply.

* 2. How frequently do you visit the Ridgefield Library website?

* 3. Where do you spend most time on this site? (select up to 3)

* 4. Do you use any of the following services on the Library's current site?

  Frequently Occasionally Never
Program registration
Pronunciator language learning
HeritageQuest family history search
Lynda.com computer and business tutorials
Zinio downloadable magazines
OverDrive downloadable eBooks and audiobooks
hoopla downloadable and streaming eBooks, audiobooks, comics, music and video
Renewing a book
Reserving a book
Online giving (Annual Appeal, fundraising event registration, etc.)
Reading recommendations 
Site search box
Catalog search box
"How Do I?" FAQ menu on the homepage

* 5. Is there anything that you were looking for today that you didn't find?

* 6. How do you usually access our website?

* 7. What browser do you usually use when accessing our website?

* 8. Tell us about your experience in general using our website.

  Yes, most of the time Neutral/no opinion No
I find the site generally easy to navigate
I generally locate the section I want without much trouble
I can access information with a reasonable number of clicks
I am usually able to achieve complete and useful search results
I can usually find the specific information I was looking for
I don't usually encounter broken or inaccurate links to external information

* 9. How likely would you and your family be to use the following possible new features on our website?

  Probably Possibly Unlikely
Podcasts of adult programs such as lectures
Podcasts featuring interviews with librarians and community members talking about local issues of concern, book recommendations, etc.
The ability to add your own rankings and reviews to catalog or other listings of books
Text or other "instant" communication with librarians for reference help or reading recommendations
Interactive creative projects such as a collaborative short story or poem to which site visitors can contribute
Local or personal history collection in the manner of public radio's StoryCorps

* 10. What improvements would you like to see in the new Library website? 

  Important to me No opinion Not important to me
Improved navigation
Better search function
More visually appealing
More interactive features (podcasts, instant communication with librarians, blogging, etc.)
More community resources/links
More downloadable content (eBooks, magazines, audiobooks, etc.)

* 11. Do you have any other thoughts or suggestions for our new website?

Thank you very much for taking the time to fill out this survey.