* 1. Your answers to the following questions may be used in my next book. Please provide the biographical information along with a valid email address in case I need to contact you for permissions or to further discuss your answers. I'll also be giving away an iPod Shuffle to one random participant, and will need to contact you if you win. Thank you again for your participation. - Chad Gibbs

* 2. Who is your favorite team?

* 3. Who is your favorite team's rival?

* 4. What is the best and worst thing about your rivalry?

* 5. Describe a typical fan of your favorite team, and a typical fan of your rival team.

* 6. Have you ever engaged in a verbal or physical altercation with a fan of your rival team? If yes, feel free to elaborate in embarrassing detail.

* 7. How much contact do you have with fans of your rival team (e.g. co-workers, friends, family, spouse)?

* 8. Would you marry a fan of your rival team?

* 9. Would you attend a church if the pastor was a vocal fan of your rival team?

* 10. Do you say negative things about rival fans that you would never say to the face of your friends or family who cheer for that team?

* 11. Name one thing you dislike about your team, and one thing you like about your rival.

* 12. When talking about your rival do you use words like 'hate'? Do you consider this real hate, or do you think you use it in a joking way?

* 13. Last one. In light of your religious beliefs, have you ever reexamined the level of animosity you have towards your rival and rival fans? Do you think you need to?