Where do you want future RVA Bike Share stations?

Bike Walk RVA seeks to ensure that communities who want access to bike share can give their input to the City of Richmond so that the City and RVA Bike Share can do everything possible to reach them. Your voice is important!

(image courtesy VCU News)
Some background:
RVA Bike Share launched with 16 stations and 220 bikes in August of 2017, with 4 additional stations coming soon. Bike share is a low-cost bike transit system that allows customers to check bikes out from automated stations for short trips, and bikes can be checked back in at any station. The City of Richmond is working to identify locations for Phase II with a similar number of stations and bikes in new areas and in higher concentrations in currently served areas. We at Bike Walk RVA want to help the City understand where people in Richmond want to see access to the system expanded.
Placement for bike share stations requires consideration of a number of factors, provided below from the City Department of Public Works. Given these factors and the fact the bike share system must be expanded in phases, service in every neighborhood can't be guaranteed. 
  • No isolated stations
    • bike share as a system doesn't work well when a station is far from the rest
  • Target mixed-use areas
    • bike share works best in areas with residential, commercial, recreation, schools, and other destinations
  • Target high density, high activity areas
    • high density means being closer to more people
  • Prefer proximity to transit
    • we can go farther when bike share connects to bus stops
  • Employment zones
    • we should consider how bike share can get people to work
  • Business districts
  • Walkable areas (distance a factor)
More information about infrastructure in Richmond:
This survey will close February 28, 2018.

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* 6. Optional question: Finding good sites for bike share stations can be challenging. They require a large footprint with public access and good visibility, and they need close access to electricity. If you have a suggestion for a specific station location (or multiple stations), please include detailed information about where and why it's a good choice.

* 7. Any other comments?