PLEASE take a few minutes to tell us about your Green Block party. You can enter your answers into this form here, online. Thank you!

* 1. Your name & block:

* 2. Were the printed information sheets and online resource links helpful?

* 3. Was the delivery and collection of the block party kits simple & efficient?

* 4. Was the composting demonstration informative and engaging?

* 5. Did your block party generate discussion about composting, waste and green living among neighbors?

* 6. Did you find the Earth Machine compost bin easy to assemble?

* 7. Did you use reusable products (cloth napkins, dishes, cutlery, etc.)? Please be specific.

* 8. Did you use any biodegradable plates and cups? Any recommendations?

* 9. How many River Forest standard green recycling bins did you fill?

* 10. Do you plan on using the Earth Machine compost bin for the entire block’s use or for an individual’s personal use?

* 11. How many people attended the demo? How many were children?