What is Member Rewards?
Member Rewards is free to join, and most people complete this survey in about 20 minutes. Once you're enrolled, you'll earn $10 in driving credit for every 10 trips you take with additional bonuses of $50 at 50 trips and $100 at 100 trips. While you're out and about, doing what you gotta do; we're scoring you deals, tickets, and swag from the best local spots in the Twin Cities.

Special gifts are raffled off to eligible rewards members as we get them. Member Rewards driving credit is calculated at the end of each billing cycle and then applied to each account by hand, so you should see your Member Rewards driving credit for trips taken in December posted to your account the following month in January. If it's been a particularly busy month, it might take us a couple of extra days. If you have any questions about your Member Rewards balance, please email us at info@hourcar.org.

How do we use this data?
Some of the questions are required, and others are optional. We want to give you the opportunity to tell us about yourself in your own words, why you joined HOURCAR, what we're doing right, and what we need to fix. Simply put, we analyze our data to identify trends that we can use to improve our service. For example, if we discover that a lot of our members are dog owners, we might place ads in dog magazines and websites and try to score Member Rewards deals at local pet stores. We'll know that we need to have vehicles with enough cargo space to bring them to the dog park and cargo blankets to keep hair off the seats for other members who are allergic.

All data we collect is used in accordance with our privacy policy. Sometimes we share anonymous data with partners for a collaborative project. The data is stripped of personal identifying information (like your name, phone number, etc.), and we require our partners to sign an agreement to not share the data or use it for anything other than the specific project we're working on.