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* 1. Please rate the below reasons for reading IGN's reviews on a scale from "Not at all important" to "Very important".

  Not at all important Somewhat unimportant Indifferent Somewhat important Very important
To compare my thoughts against the IGN reviewer's thoughts
To discuss my opinion with other IGN readers
Purchase decisions

* 2. Which type of scoring scale do you find most useful?

* 3. If you picked one of the point scales, which one and why?

* 4. If you picked "Something else," what do you suggest and why?

* 5. If you thought we should get rid of scores altogether, why?

* 6. Where do you prefer to see the review score listed?

* 7. Would you prefer if scores were hidden until you clicked on the score itself?

* 8. How important are video reviews to you?

* 9. Which statement best aligns with your opinion on review scores?

* 10. IGN has traditionally had a “Breakdown Box” at the end of reviews. Do you prefer a breakdown by technical aspects (sound, graphics, etc.) or Pros and Cons from the game?

* 11. Is there any other information you would like to see as part of the Breakdown Box or as a summary of the overall review?

* 12. Would you find a one-line summary of the game review helpful? For example, "Diablo III is the type of game you can lose the whole weekend to, playing so much you forget to eat and participate in normal human life."

* 13. Do you want to know more about the author who wrote the review?