TAA (Vic) Accommodation Awards for Excellence

(Revenue Managers, Reservations, Operations, Rooms Division, Executive Assistant Managers)


This category will be judged on a written submission, in the form of a bullet point summary of the nominee’s achievements relating to successful revenue management over the past two calendar years. This submission should be no more than 800 words plus supporting documents and pictures, where relevant.

A copy of the nominee’s résumé is also required.

Important:   The following questions and criteria should be addressed in the written submission:


Questions and Judging Criteria.
Question 1


Key components of the revenue management role include the need to share knowledge relating to areas of pricing, inventory and channel management, information technology, forecasting, human resources and consumer.


a)    Provide evidence of research and planning to achieve your property’s Revenue Management Strategy in the short, medium and long term. 


Question 2


a)    What have you done to improve your knowledge and performance as a revenue manager in the last year?


b)    What activities have you undertaken to remain familiar with market trends and their impact on your hotel operation – for example attendance at the TAA (Vic) Hotel Market Update and Economic Outlook forum?


Question 3 (please note all reference to financial results will be held with the strictest of confidence and can be provided in percentage growth and indices)


a)    Provide evidence of the financial results in market share growth for the period 2016-2018 (for example, as measured by STR Global performance or other statistics such as channel distribution).


b)    Demonstrate how you have integrated a total revenue management approach and awareness across the hotel, for example, in areas such as front office and food and beverage operations.


Question 4


a)    In your opinion, how will the role of ‘Revenue Manager’ change over the next 3-5 years? Include what you see as main drivers of these changes.  


This category is open to all current TAA (Vic) financial members.

Judging Criteria

·         Be nominated by his/her employer.

·         Have been employed for no less than six months prior to nomination.

·         Include a copy of the nominee’s résumé, reflecting their current role, relevant qualifications and training courses and any awards or other recognition gained.


Judging Process
The nominee’s written submission and résumé will be assessed by a suitably qualified industry judge.

National Awards
The 2018 TAA (Vic) winner of this Award will be eligible to enter the 2018 AHA National Awards representing TAA (Vic) in the Employee Excellence in Service – Accommodation Division category.

Nominations close:               Friday 9th March 
Entry fee - $120 (including GST) 


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