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The goal of this survey is to identify common challenges to the implementation and long-term development of terrestrial and mangrove ecosystem restoration projects across the globe. We greatly appreciate your insights on these topics. Ultimately, this information will be used to prioritize future research approaches and to spur the development of tools that decrease barriers to restoration implementation. Your responses will also be used to generate peer-reviewed publications summarizing these topics.

This survey will take approximately 20-40 minutes to complete and your participation is voluntary and anonymous. We invite responses from people who have been directly involved in funding, designing, planning, and/or implementing a terrestrial or mangrove restoration projects. If you choose to input your e-mail address for follow up communications it will not be linked to the data you provide in the survey. No compensation will be given for your participation.

We would like to ask you if you are willing to participate in our research project. Please carefully read the text below and contact Leland Werden (lelandkendall.werden@usys.ethz.ch) if you have any questions or concerns.

Contact project team: Leland Kendall Werden, ETH Zürich (lelandkendall.werden@usys.ethz.ch)

Data Protection Officer ETH Zurich: Tomislav Mitar (tomislav.mitar@sl.ethz.ch)

Question Title

* I, the participant, confirm via the consent button below that:
  • I have read and understood the study information. My questions have been answered completely and to my satisfaction.
  • I am aware of the requirements and restrictions to be observed during the study.
  • I have had enough time to decide about my participation.
  • I participate in this study voluntarily and consent that my personal data be used as described above.
  • I understand that I can stop participating at any moment.

Further details:
  • This study was approved by the ETH Zurich Ethics Commission as proposal EK-2022-N-82.
  • This study is funded by The World Economic Forum and ETH Zürich.
  • Your participation in this study is voluntary. You may withdraw your participation at any time without specifying reasons and without any disadvantages. There are no risks associated with participating and your contact information will never be associated with your responses.
  • Anonymised data will be stored on a secure cloud-based web server for five years at ETH Zürich only accessible to the researchers administering the study. Members of the ETH Zurich Ethics Commission may access the original data for examination purposes. Strict confidentiality will be observed at any time.
  • Before the irrevocable anonymisation of the collected data, you can request information about the personal data collected from you at any time and without giving reasons. You can also request that it be rectified, handed over to you, barred for processing or erased. To do so, please contact the person indicated above. GDPR (European General Data Protection Regulation) guidelines will be followed when collecting and processing personal data.
  • The secretariat of the ETH Zurich Ethics Committee is available to help you with complaints in connection with your participation. Contact: ethics@sl.ethz.ch or 0041 44 632 85 72.