Following our communication requesting views on research priorities earlier last year, we have now accumulated a list on which we seek further opinion. The ILAE recognizes that priorities may differ dependent on resource and region of the world. Further there may be overlap among different communities. The purpose of us trying to address research priorities in epilepsy is that there have been examples in other specialties of joint collaborative initiatives seeking a common goal, resulting in successful funding. Taking advantage of the successful ILAE and IBE lobbying activities incremented over the last decade, our community is in a good position to seek funding for ambitious research programs at an international scale, provided a well delineated and consensual assessment of research priorities for improving healthcare in Epilepsy

The link below takes you two lists of priorities - one of questions that would require projects on a global scale to address, and a second where local initiatives could provide answers more globally applicable. Using the drop down projects please rank the priorities as you see in order of importance. This should not take too long to complete.

Many thanks,
Helen Cross        Philippe Ryvlin        Shichuo Li
Co-Chairs of the Global Research Priorities and Advocacy Task Force

Please use the attached complete explanatory text for each question to select and rank your top five for each of the two questions below, then insert your rankings in this survey. Note that each ranking number (1, 2, 3, etc) may be used only once in each question.

1. Please select and rank your top five priorities put forward that could be seen to require global collaboration
[complete explanatory text]

2. Priorities seen as answerable on less global scale but with global applicability

3. Do you have any additional comments?

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