* 1. The Colorado Respite Coalition is looking into respite care trainings available to professional caregivers in CO. We have created a list of 10 topics that we feel all respite caring professionals should know, but we want YOUR input. Of these 10 topics, based on your own experiences, which are the most important?

If you are a family caregiver, please consider times when you have used respite services, and the needs of your loved one/care-receiver. If you have never used respite care services, think about what training you would like a respite care professional to have completed, in order to feel comfortable leaving your loved one in their care.

If you are a respite care professional, think about the training topics that were/would be most useful for you in the workplace.

Please select your top THREE choices.

Thank you for your time and participation. If you have any questions please email ejamieson@eastersealscolorado.org.

* 2. I am a...