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Dogs who guard resources protect a valuable resource (e.g. food, toy, dog bed) from people or other animals. This is normal dog behavior and research about resource guarding has demonstrated that many dogs who guard resources from people can be safely placed into homes in our communities. How does the research match your experiences? We’re interested in learning more about how shelters assess and manage dogs who resource guard, and need your input. 

We're looking for one response per organization, submitted by the person at your organization most familiar with how your organization manages dogs who resource guard. This survey is primarily for government and private animal shelters in the United States and will take less than 15 minutes to complete. If you are a behavior professional who consults with shelters, please share this survey with the organizations you work with. Behavior professionals are welcome to respond to this survey based upon the recommendations you make to shelters. 

 This survey is confidential. Your responses won’t be associated with your name or your organization. However, we will ask for your contact information in case we have questions or you would like a copy of the results.

Resource guarding is a complex issue and we acknowledge that some of these questions will be difficult to answer without more information. Please answer to the best of your ability, and use the comment section for additional details.  We REALLY appreciate your willingness to participate in this survey.

If you have questions or concerns about this survey, please contact Please note that the answer choices in this survey don't necessarily reflect the views or recommendations of the survey authors or the organizations they represent. 

Thank you!

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* 4. Does your organization take in dogs for the purposes of returning them home or finding a new home?

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