Immunization Resources

Use this form to order free immunization-related material from the Immunization Branch. Indicate the quantity of each item requested in the boxes below. For items that are available in packaged quantities, please indicate the number of packages you would like. If not marked, the materials are available on an individual basis.

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* 1. Contact Information for Shipping

Clinical Resources

* 2. Lifetime Immunization Record (DHHS 1065)
Available in packs of 100 

* 3. Adult Vaccine Administration Record (DHHS 4057) 
Available in packs of 100

* 6. Vaccine Administration Log (VAL 122)
Available in packs of 25

Vaccine Ordering, Storage and Handling
Information for Parents

* 8. Reminder Postcards for Infants
Available in packs of 100

* 10. HALLMARK GREETING CARDS (Birthing Hospitals and Local Health Departments only!)

Resources for Schools

* 11. 7th Grade Postcard
Available in packs of 100

* 12. 7th Grade Flyer