Welcome to Resilient Nashville!

Nashville is joining cities around the world working to become more resilient. What does that mean? Resilience means that we can survive, adapt and thrive no matter what challenges we face.

Mayor Barry's Office of Resilience is working to create a citywide resilience strategy. This will help us prepare for and address our city's shocks and stresses. A shock is any type of sudden event that disrupts daily life. Examples of shocks include floods, storms, and terrorist events. A stress is any type of "slow-burning" disaster. Examples of stresses include poverty, racial inequity, and inefficient public transportation.

We are asking Nashvillians for their opinions about Nashville's resilience. Your input will help us identify areas of strength and weakness. This will determine the priorities of Nashville’s resilience strategy.

The following survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete. All responses will remain anonymous.

For more background information on resilience, please visit www.100resilientcities.org. You can learn more about the Mayor’s Office of Resilience at www.nashville.gov/Mayors-Office/Resilience.aspx.