Disaster Resilience Strategy Questionnaire

We would like your thoughts and ideas to contribute to a Disaster Resilience Strategy for South Australia currently being developed by the Government of SA.

* 1. Are you responding to this survey as a:

* 2. Where in South Australia are you located?

* 3. What do the words 'disaster resilience' mean to you? E.g. What are the traits/characteristics of an individual or community that is disaster resilient.

* 4. What ideas do you have that could help South Australia to be more resilient to disasters? This could be anything from a program, resource, policy, community activity, legislation etc. 

* 5. What roles do you think individuals, community, business, government (commonwealth, local and state) and non-government should have in building disaster resilience?

* 7. If yes, please explain.

* 8. Have you ever accessed information about emergencies?

* 9. If yes, can you please comment on where you accessed the information and how you found your experience.

* 10. Are there any other comments you would like to make?