Resilience inquirySubmission questionnaire: Improving Economic Resilience Issues Paper
The Government has asked the Productivity Commission to undertake an inquiry into the resilience of the New Zealand economy to supply chain disruptions. To open the public conversation on the inquiry, the Commission has published an Issues Paper calling for submissions to help to inform its findings and recommendations to the Government.
Please complete the following survey to give the Commission your perspectives to help identify areas of focus and contribute to enhancing the economic resilience of industries and communities throughout Aotearoa. You can also make a full written submission on the four questions posed in the Issues Paper on the Commission’s website here.
Please note that:
  • submissions, including your name and organisation (if applicable), will be published on the Commission’s website to maintain transparency; 
  • the publication of a submission does not associate the Productivity Commission with those views. The views set out in a submission are those of the submitter; and
  • the Commission may choose not to publish a submission in part or in full. In making such judgments, we may consult with the submitter, including to seek agreement to submission content being amended for publication, but the Commission reserves the right to make whatever decisions it sees fit.