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1. The purpose of this research project is to examine resilience and social support in caregivers. This research project is being conducted at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington.

Your participation in this study is voluntary. You may choose not to participate. If you decide to participate in this study, you may withdraw at any time. If you decide not to participate you will not be penalized.

The study involves completing a survey that will take approximately 30 minutes. Your responses will be confidential. We do not keep any identifying information such as names, email addresses or phone numbers.

Data will be kept secure once it is in the researcher’s possession. All data will be stored in password protected electronic files. Surveys are completely anonymous and confidential.

By participating in this study you may choose to enter our drawing for one of six $50 gift certificates. Contact information for the drawing will be kept separate from survey responses and will be destroyed once the drawing has been completed.

This research has been reviewed by the University of North Carolina, Wilmington’s IRB to ensure procedures for research involving human subjects have been followed. If you have any questions about your rights as a research participant, contact Dr. Candace Gauthier, Chair of the UNCW Institutional Review Board, at 910-962-3558.
If you have any questions about the study, please contact the researchers:

Dr. Alissa Dark-Freudeman

Louisa Leopard

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