Update Mechanism for JABSOM's Trainees in Research webpage

Thank you for being willing to guide trainees to join you in your research projects and investigations.  Faculty and physicians presently choose to be listed on JABSOM's webpage listing research areas.  We appreciate your efforts to contribute to the research enterprise in Hawaii. Please answer only the questions that need updating.  Mahalo!

* 1. What change are you recommending?

* 2. What is your name? (Preferred format: HEDGES, Jerris)

* 5. What is your department?

* 6. What is your research area?

* 7. What is your email address?

* 8. Please provide your webpage or weblink (or type None if you do not have one).

* 9. What types of students/trainees are you willing to work with on research projects?

* 10. What disease(s) or health conditions does your research relate to? (Please list as many as is appropriate)

As this a new webpage and tool, the questions below are aimed to improve our database and explore how to better classify or describe the different health-related research projects that being conducted in the state of Hawaii.  We welcome your input and feedback.

* 11. What type of research do you conduct?

* 12. Do you have a main clinical site? Where do you conduct research? 

* 13. What opportunities exist for students to present their research findings in Hawaii?

* 14. What opportunities exist for students to learn more about what research is being conducted in Hawaii?

* 15. Which category best describes your research area?

* 16. What comment would you like to share about the Trainees in Research database/webpage?

Thank you for your time and feedback!