Construction research - its role in improving industry performance and productivity

Construction is a complex multi-disciplinary industry. Many of its technical challenges rest within particular disciplines (e.g geotechnical) others are associated with particular types of structure or assets (e.g. railways). However, many issues relating to the commercial, technical or environmental process are common. Many of the opportunities to address these issues rely and benefit from inter-disciplinary or cross-organisational working.

Some organisations’ approach to research and innovation are more highly developed than others who might benefit from understanding the approaches adopted and lessons learned. This includes the opportunities available for support with research needs and/or influencing research investment.

Organisations are sometimes unaware of work being undertaken elsewhere to address the issues that they are facing. This includes activities within academic and industry organisations.

With ever-tightening budgets, the need to maximise the synergies and benefits of research within and between sectors – including the opportunities for collaboration – has become increasingly important.

Targetted at CIRIA members and other organisations with an interest in improving the performance and productivity of construction, this questionnaire seeks your views on how your organisation engages with research and innovation.

In the context of this survey, research is the creation of new knowledge or information while innovation is the implementation of new or improved processes across your organisation – whether incremental or step-change.

The outcome of the survey will inform discussion at CIRIA’s next Council meeting.

We estimate the survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete.