Single-stream curbside recycling is a FREE subscription service offered to DeKalb County residents by the DeKalb County Sanitation Division. Recyclable materials are collected on residents’ scheduled sanitation collection service day. This portal allows county residents to subscribe to the program or request recycling materials. Recycling upgrade requests (obtain a 65-gallon recycling roll cart) and obtaining additional 40-gallon recycling bags (existing recycling customers only) require prepaid fees. All prepaid fees must be made prior to submitting a request through this portal. Once prepaid fees have been made, please return to this portal to submit your recycling request. You will be required to provide your prepaid fee confirmation number. 

Please click here for information on prepaid fee payment options and instructions. Prepaid fees are as follows: 

Recycling roll cart upgrade – one-time $15 prepaid fee (a $4 third-party processing fee will apply)
Box of 40-gallon recycling bags - one-time $15 prepaid fee (a $4 third-party processing fee will apply)

To subscribe to the program or request recycling materials, please provide the information requested below.

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