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Since 2003 the Enchanted Closet has outfitted nearly 7000 girls for the most exciting times in their lives and we look forward to assisting you. We will contact you about your request and schedule an appointment.

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* 1. Please complete the following survey as honestly as you possibly can. The information you provide will be used to assist you in getting a dress for your special event. Your name and other identifying information will not be provided to anyone who is not affiliated with the Enchanted Closet, Inc.

* 2. What size dress or pants do you wear?

* 3. What event do you need a dress for?

* 4. What is the date of the event?

* 5. What color does the dress need to be?

* 6. Does your family get any of the following assistance?

* 7. How many people live in your home?

* 8. Are you in any of the following?

* 9. How did you find out about the Enchanted Closet?