Instructions for Requesting a Dyslexia Evaluation

We are very pleased to serve Alabama families by providing dyslexia evaluations for children in grades 1 through 8. We do not evaluate students after completion of 8th grade nor prior to January of first grade.

These evaluations are completed at no cost to Alabama families. We do not evaluate for other types of learning or developmental difficulties but specialize in identifying dyslexia. Our evaluation will not provide information regarding math or writing difficulties. We receive many requests for evaluations and want to make sure that students who are scheduled for evaluations will be most likely to benefit from our services. To place students on our waiting list for evaluations, we gather preliminary information in an effort to ensure that students who are most likely to benefit from our services and who are in the most critical need are seen as soon as possible.

It is very helpful to us if your child’s teacher can provide us with a completed Dyslexia Checklist and many teachers are delighted to become part of this process. We will not initiate contact with your child's teacher but you will have an opportunity to invite the teacher to complete our Dyslexia Checklist.

If you wish to have your child's teacher provide us with information, please copy and paste this link into an email sent by you to the teacher's school email address and ask the teacher to complete our online Dyslexia Checklist for Teachers.

After we receive and review your completed Request for Services and any teacher's checklists, we will contact you by email to let you know if our services would be likely to be helpful to you and we will provide you with an approximate time that it will take us to schedule your child for an evaluation.

Information which you or your child's teacher enter in both the Request for Services and Dyslexia Checklist forms will be used only for the purpose of scheduling and completing the dyslexia evaluation for your child and for the purpose of writing the diagnostic report which summarizes our findings. One copy of the Diagnostic Report will be sent to the parents following the evaluation. The Alabama Scottish Rite Learning Centers will not provide diagnostic reports nor any information regarding this evaluation to anyone other than the parents or legal guardians of the child evaluated.