Please complete the following questionnaire to the greatest extent possible.

The form should be submitted at least two weeks prior to a Legislative Affairs Committee meeting (typically they meet once a month.)

Once received, CMRPC staff will distribute responses to the Committee for their review.

The Chair will decide whether to seek additional information and, if and,when to place on an agenda for further committee consideration.

Other stakeholders may be called on to attend the meeting and/or provide information (pro or con) on the matter.

The Committee will hear from the questionnaire respondent and will then make a recommendation to the CMRPC Executive Committee.

* 1. Date


* 2. Requester contact information. Please provide the following information so that we may contact you to obtain additional information.

* 3. Affiliation/Role/Position

* 4. Bill Number, Bill Name, Principal Sponsors (Please answer as completely as possible)

* 5. Provide a brief description of the bill and its current status. If a hearing has been set, please provide the name of the committee, date, time, and location (if known). (Answer as fully as possible).

* 6. Perceived impacts?

  Yes No Maybe/Not Sure It depends
Municipal budget impact
State budget impact
Municipal tax impact
State tax impact
Just one community
All communities similarly

* 7. If the bill does not impact all CMRPC communities, which ones are most concerned with the bill's passage and why?

* 8. Describe the perceived benefit/impact to CMRPC, the organization.

* 9. Describe the perceived benefit/impact to CMRPC communities.

* 10. Describe the perceived benefit impact to CMRPC residents.

* 11. Describe any other perceived benefits or impacts that should be considered.

* 12. Desired Action (Check all that apply)