Since its first development as a database of human repetitive sequences in 1992, Repbase has been serving as a well-curated reference database fundamental to almost all eukaryotic genome sequence analyses. It contains a large number of repeat families presented as biologically classified and annotated quality consensus sequences ready for the screening of repetitive DNA. We are developing a sustainability plan to ensure the long-term availability of this important resource. Your response to this survey will help us 1) document the value and importance of Repbase to your work; 2) guide our future development effort and 3) evaluate the best mechanism to fund ongoing data curation.

* 1. How often do you visit the Repbase website?

* 2. How long have you been using Repbase?

* 3. How useful is Repbase and the data it contains for your research or teaching?

* 4. Which of these best describes your primary interest in Repbase? Select all that apply

* 5. What’s your primary use of Repbase? Select all that apply

* 6. What tools/datasets do you use to mask repeats in genome sequences? Select all that apply

* 7. What genome(s) are you working on? Select all that apply

* 8. Repbase’s grant funding has expired. We are considering adopting a nonprofit subscription model to support continued data curation at Repbase. This model has now been applied to several scientific resources, for example TAIR ( and BioCyc ( Please rate the likelihood you would recommend Repbase to your university library or company for a subscription if the cost is approximately similar to your institution’s cost for a single journal subscription.

* 9. Which of these best describes your immediate work environment?

* 10. What is your current position?

* 11. What is your primary role within your institution?

* 12. What do you like the best about Repbase?

* 13. What improvement would you like Repbase to make?

* 14. What other service/features you wish Repbase to add in the future?

* 15. We encourage you to provide your contact information so we can provide you with updates on any new developments.